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Exceptional Braces for Teens in Boynton Beach

teen girl with braces smilingDuring your child's teen years, they will experience the final stages of their dental growth and development. At Darling Orthodontics, our team works with your family to determine the correct course of treatment to help ensure the proper growth of their teeth and jaws for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Dr. Darling customizes all our dental services, including braces, to fit the unique needs of your teen.

Our team believes that oral health begins with comprehensive dental hygiene education. We make sure your teen completely understands the benefits of properly taking care of their teeth, as well as the risks of poor oral hygiene. At the same time, our team closely monitors their dental development. We want to prevent major issues from happening and take a proactive approach to treat any alignment or bite problems we uncover. If you're looking for braces for teens in Boynton Beach, we're the team you can trust to help give your child long-term results. Contact us today to schedule your teen's appointment!


Does My Teen Need Braces?

As your teen grows, you begin to notice changes in their smile or bite. Are their teeth starting to twist and turn as their final adult teeth come in? Are they having trouble pronouncing certain words? These are typically signs that an alignment or bite issue is present or forming. Our team works with you and your teen to determine a course of treatment to correct or prevent these dental problems. We want your teen to have a functional smile they can be confident to show the world.

Dedicated to Helping Your Teen Smile Confidently

invisalign clear bracesWe know that the teen years can be hard enough without worrying about how braces will affect your young adult's self-confidence. That's why we commit to offering aesthetically pleasing options for braces. Our experts in Boynton Beach braces for teens will take the time to get to know your child and precisely understand their concerns to offer optimal orthodontic solutions.

Our orthodontics treatments include:

  • Invisalign® – One of the most popular options for treating mild to moderate bite and smile issues is Invisalign. A series of custom-made, clear aligners are used to straighten teeth and correct alignment issues gradually. This option is the most natural-looking treatment we offer and requires minimal lifestyle modification. Your teen will need to qualify for treatment and must wear their aligners for a minimum of twenty-two hours a day in order for Invisalign to be effective.
  • Clear and Composite Braces – When most people picture braces, they imagine a smile full of shiny metal. Clear and composite braces are made from either ceramics or a tooth-colored resin, allowing them to blend naturally with your teeth.

Improving the Aesthetics of Braces for Teens in Boynton Beach

Braces don't have to be boring. Our team loves engaging your teen and giving them options to express themselves. Some of the ways we help your teen customize their look include:

  • Colored Bands – Your teen can express their individuality by picking a colored band to use with their traditional braces. These bands help move their teeth and keep the archwire in place. By selecting the color of bands we use, your teen can take an active role in designing their braces and feel more confident about their appearance.
  • Snapcaps – Created in-house, Snapcaps are an innovative product designed to make braces more aesthetically pleasing and give your teen more control over their look. These little plastic caps snap easily over the brackets of traditional braces and have varying designs on them. Your teen can choose a single design or multiple and switch them out whenever they please for a smile they can't wait to show off.

Retainers to Maintain a Straight Smile

close up of teen boy with braces smilingA retainer is a clear plastic appliance that is custom-made for your teen's teeth. Once your teen's smile and alignment issues have been corrected, they will use a retainer to help maintain the position of their teeth. It is crucial that they understand how important wearing their retainer is to keep their teeth from shifting our of alignment and requiring further treatment. When providing Boynton Beach braces for teens, we will work with your young adult and give you tips to help them remember to wear their retainer and achieve the best possible results.

Growth Modifiers for Long-Term Results

For some bite and alignment issues, braces simply aren't enough to correct the development of your teen's teeth and jaws. They may require a growth modification appliance to get the long-lasting results they're looking for and prevent future dental problems. Some of the most common appliances we use include:

  • Headgear – By gently applying pressure to the upper teeth and jaw, headgear can correct issues such as a pronounced overbite. Our orthodontist will determine the minimum number of hours a day that your teen will need to wear their headgear, depending on the severity of their issue.
  • Reverse-Pull Headgear – Also known as a protraction face mask, this appliance may be recommended for your teen if their upper jaw is not growing at a quick enough rate, which can cause a crossbite or underbite. This treatment typically lasts for around 12 months and must be worn for a specific number of hours each day.
  • Palatal Expander – If your teen's jaw is too narrow, this can cause upper teeth to become crowded or blocked out. By attaching to the upper molars, the palatal expander helps widen the upper jaw. Gentle pressure is applied by turning a screw in the center of the device. The pressure encourages bone growth in the upper jaw, increasing your teen's jaw width and allowing their teeth to grow in.

Reliable Braces for Teens in Boynton Beach

At Darling Orthodontics, the health and beauty of your teen's teeth are our top priorities. We work hard to provide effective, aesthetically pleasing solutions that your family can feel confident in. Our team is committed to involving your teen in the process as possible, including offering many options to customize their braces and express their personality. If you're looking for braces for teens in Boynton Beach, we're the team you can trust to always have your loved one's best interests in mind. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment!



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