Types of Retainers

Updated: Sep 23

Retainers are used to correct issues with the teeth or jaw. Some types of retainers are removable and others are permanently attached to the front teeth. Some people choose to wear these devices for several weeks while others prefer to wear them only at night. Both types of retainers can be very effective, but they can be uncomfortable and difficult to wear. In some cases, a retainer is necessary to maintain the proper alignment of the teeth. If you have a dental problem or are unsure whether retainers will be helpful, please consult with your dentist.

Retainers can be used to correct tongue thrust, in which the tongue slides forward through the teeth while speaking. Tongue thrust retainers can be specially designed to train the tongue not to move forward during speech. Additionally, retainers can be used to prevent bruxism, which is a condition where the jaw closes completely while sleeping. Kids may be more likely to wear a retainer if they are custom-made. These devices can even be placed in a child's mouth, which will make them more excited to wear them.

If you wear a permanent retainer, it's important to keep it clean. Brush it two times a day for at least two minutes and floss before bed every night. You can also buy a special floss threader that makes cleaning the wire easier. If you wear a removable retainer, it is also important to keep it in a clean place at home. Otherwise, bacteria and tartar can build up. This will make the retainer less effective and may even cause problems with your oral health.

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