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Side Effects of Braces For Adults

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Braces are a form of orthodontic treatment, which aims to realign the teeth and jaw. They are also used to correct bite issues and improve the appearance of the mouth. While adult braces come with many benefits, there are also potential side effects that can be helpful to know for anyone looking to get braces for the first time.

Common side effects in adults with braces

Braces Common Side Effects

  • Mouth and gum irritation from the brackets and wires-Temporary discomfort when the braces are first put on-Increased saliva production

  • Difficulty eating certain foods-Speech difficulty due to the brackets and wires

  • Tongue irritation from the wires

  • Tooth discoloration due to the brackets

  • Increased risk of cavities and gum disease due to improper cleaning

  • Staining of the teeth due to plaque buildup around the brackets-Damage to surrounding teeth due to improper fitting of the brackets

  • Jaw pain due to incorrect bite alignment

The most common side effect of braces is discomfort

When a person wears braces, they may experience pain and irritation in the mouth. In most cases, this is temporary. However, it can worsen if the person does not follow instructions from the orthodontist.

People wearing braces should make an effort to brush and floss their teeth more frequently. It is also essential to avoid eating hard foods like candy. This will help ensure that the teeth do not get brittle and break.

The wires and brackets that are used in braces can also cause soreness in the lips and cheeks. If the cheeks are sore, the orthodontist can provide you with anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the discomfort.

The discomfort caused by braces may be temporary. But it can also be a symptom of a more serious condition, such as tooth decay. If you notice that your teeth are getting too sensitive, it is possible that you have dental plaque, which can lead to cavities.

During your treatment, your orthodontist will monitor your progress using regular x-rays. If you are having difficulties, you should inform the orthodontist immediately.

Some patients experience an allergic reaction after braces. If you have a latex allergy, you should talk with an orthodontist. They can discuss alternative options.

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